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About Port Renfrew

Port Renfrew, British Columbia is a small community on the southern tip of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. It is quite similar to Tofino, however, it is only an approximate one and a half hour drive west of Victoria, north of the fast growing community of Sooke. Long a forestry and commercial fishing hub, the town has transitioned to being a centre for outdoor recreation including sports fishing, hiking, old growth forest tourism and eco-tourism. It is most famous as the trail head for both the West Coast Trail, and the Juan de Fuca Trail, as well as, for being home to some of the best salt water salmon and halibut fishing on Southern Vancouver Island. Hundreds of fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts descend on the town every summer from local communities, Alberta and the United States and Europe.

Port Renfrew is a seaside community centered around the local wharf, and provides visitors and residents with a relaxed, personable atmosphere as only a small village can create. Several major changes have put Port Renfrew on the map in recent years. The most significant development is the completion of the $25+ million dollar, Pacific Marine Circle Route along with more recent road upgrades connecting Port Renfrew to eastern and northern Vancouver Island with a new paved highway. The completion of the circle route in 2009 has brought increased traffic and exposure to the region from areas such as Duncan and Nanaimo where transit time is now 1.5 to 2 hours.

This temperate coastal rainforest community is dominated by old growth spruce, hemlock and cedar. Captioned as Canada's Tall Tree Capital Port Renfrew is host to some of the tallest and largest trees in Canada which are known to be on or in the vicinity of the West Coast Trail.

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Often, those who wish to experience the wilderness solitude of the rainforest or the pounding rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest, one must charter a small plane or boat and venture overland by air or by sea where roads have not traveled; unless their journey leads them to Port Renfrew. Port Renfrew is where the Pacific Ocean collides with the rugged west coast of North America and massive trees push forward toward the sky. Port Renfrew is the home to the storied West Coast and Juan de Fuca trails which travel along the constantly changing scenery of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. Here the Ocean is abundant with killer, grey and humpback whales in the same waters where Spanish and English galleons once explored the New World. Bear, cougar and elk live in the shelter of the massive fir, cedar and hemlock trees which tower hundreds of feet above the moss covered forest floor; their limbs reaching out to the eagles and osprey flying overhead.

Visitors will discover world class fishing for salmon, halibut and cod. Water lovers will enjoy the thrill of surfing and kayaking, exploring the Ocean shores or a journey in a canoe that begins at one of the local lakes or estuaries. Find a wilderness campground or set up your camp or RV at a local serviced site. For those who prefer less ‘rough’ at the end of a day of ‘roughing it’, discover many options for quality accommodations, seaside suites, comfortable motel rooms and cozy ocean view cottages. Then in evenings wander to the local pub for seaside dining or a delicious lunch or breakfast at the Coastal Kitchen or feast on a home cooked meal at Tomi’s Diner.

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Port Renfrew is a blossoming community offering great potential for new and incoming business. Well positioned for residential and recreation growth there are many services which will be required immediately as well as in both the near and distant future. The Chamber of Commerce is instrumental in connecting Port Renfrew businesses to the local community, Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Alberta, as well as, abroad. Businesses are working together to create the ultimate recreation and full time living experience for the future. The future has never been brighter for business Port Renfrew and the time is now for new and expanding businesses to establish themselves for the impending growth.